Unbundled Services

Blackbeard Wheat Bunch - 8oz, 40-60 stems Decorative Wheat Bundles -- Long stem single bunchThank you for considering Family Law Legal Consulting, PLLC. We offer a unique approach meant to provide exactly the legal services you require efficiently and effectively through the use of unbundled services.

What are “unbundled services?”

Unbundled services are legal services offered as a menu that enables you to choose the legal assistance you need and, hopefully, also control the legal fees you incur.

Sounds great, but how much is this going to cost?

Family Law Legal Consulting offers two fee structures. You can choose a flat rate fee or pay as you go at the hourly rate of $100.00 per hour.

How is a flat rate fee different than an advance payment?

Unlike an advance payment, which is what most lawyers require up front, the flat rate fee is the total due for the entire matter. There are no additional bills unless the legal issue you wish to address changes.

For example, the flat rate charge to modify child support is $250.00 (keep in mind there is also a filing fee charged by the court and the cost of service). This includes preparing the necessary paperwork, running the calculations, and drafting and delivering the Child Support Order and Income Withholding Order after the Response period is over. If the other party asks for a hearing about the requested modification, then Family Law Legal Consulting will provide assistance to help prepare you for the hearing for no additional cost.

However, if you determine you also want to change parenting time, then addressing this  additional issue would either be at the hourly rate or an additional flat rate depending on which payment method you choose.

What are the flat rates?


Rates include assistance with drafting or reviewing the initial paperwork; process guidance; preparation of default paperwork; drafting the default decree; and assistance obtaining the default orders

    • Uncontested (parties agree) no children:  $300.00 
    • Uncontested (parties agree) with children:  $400.00
      • Same services as above but with the addition of a parenting plan and child support calculations/orders
    • Contested (parties disagree) no children:  $500.00
      • Same services as above but includes trial preparation for self-representation; disclosure assistance; and settlement guidance
    • Contested (parties disagree) with children:  $750.00
      • Also includes assistance with mediation preparation in addition to the already identified services

Rates include assistance with drafting or reviewing the initial paperwork; process guidance; preparation and requesting mediation; requesting and drafting the default decree if no response; child support calculations; and trial preparation for self-representation

    • Uncontested (parties agree):  $350.00
    • Contested (parties disagree):  $500.00

Rates include assistance with drafting or reviewing necessary documents; process guidance; trial preparation for self-representation; and mediation preparation as applicable to the case

    • Consult Fee: $50.00
    • Document Review: $100.00
    • Simplified Child Support Modification: $250.00
    • Temporary Orders (Pre/Post Decree/Rule 48 Emergency):  $250.00
      • Please note that temporary orders require additional documents like a petition for divorce or to establish paternity or a petition to modify, so the flat rate incurred here does not include that cost.
    • Enforcement of Orders (Support or Property): $350.00
    • Modification by Agreement (both parties agree to changes): $300.00
    • Modification (parties disagree about proposed changes):  $500.00


If unbundled legal services are what you have been looking for, call today for more information. 520-304-1722