The Divorce Process in Pima County, Arizona–An Overview

The Divorce Process—What You Can Do on Your Own and When Advice is Recommended Family Law Legal Consulting—Offering Unbundled and Flat Rate Services Kristy Clairmont, Esq. 520-304-1722    It is no secret that getting divorced is far more complicated than getting married. That said, most people in Pima County are trying to get divorced without […]

Unbundle your Bundle

In life, there is one thing that can be counted on—change. As a professional, how are you adapting to the changes?   Picture a typical client consultation: Attorney and potential client engage in a discussion regarding legal problems the client is facing. Attorney discusses the different legal options available. The meeting is now at the […]

I am Divorced, So Now What?

I Am Divorced, So Now What?           As a family law attorney, my time is spent helping people navigate the court system and understanding the nuts and bolts involved in a divorce. As mentioned in previous blogs, this process varies greatly person to person. Some couples are able to un-couple rather […]

Things To Consider

“Things To Consider” Although there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all divorce advice, there are certain considerations that need to be taken into account in every divorce. The following is a simplified list of areas to consider before and during your divorce. IDENTIFY ALL ACTUAL PROPERTY. This includes land, homes, vehicles, motorhomes, motorcycles, furniture, jewelry, […]

It Depends

It Depends One of the most frustrating answers I often receive in life is “it depends.” The question, “How do I get divorced?” should seem simple enough, right? Unfortunately, my answer has to be, “It depends.” Let me show you why by example. Consider the following scenarios: Couple number 1 No kids No property Married […]


“Do-It-Yourselfer” As I wipe down my kitchen sink, I look at the faucet and think for the millionth time how I truly loathe the leaky, stained, outdated fixture. Maybe it’s time to do something about it. How hard can it be? I quickly take a mental survey. I have seen replacement faucets in all styles […]